Psychic History

Born in Zululand in Africa, Fran has a long history of paranormal events and occurrences which started at four years of age and incorporated her first full flesh manifestation of spirit at 10 years old.

She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircogniscent and clairaudient.

Fran attended spiritualist meetings on an ongoing basis from the age of 15, experiencing past life revelations, materialisations, soul retrievals/rescues and aiding discarnate souls into the light. She regularly experienced astral travels involuntarily, and later voluntarily.

She has had many out of body experiences as well as alien interactions. Encounters with angels have occurred at rather more ‘infrequent’ intervals; for example, one at 19 years old was a physical manifestation that, with one sentence, changed the course of her life. There was another appearance at 39, which caused yet another life change. Having decided to pursue her artistic career at that point, and understanding the medium of paint but unable to draw, she commenced tertiary study. However, it was in her dream states every night for 10 months of that year that she received guided tuition from the Higher Realms enabling her to ‘fly’ in progression. After graduation, she sold 12 pieces and, within three months, was represented by one of Sydney’s leading contemporary galleries. The rest, as they say, is history.
Fran’s abilities now extend to being able to download, intuit
& draw/paint graphic images of peoples Guides, whether they be a lifelong guide, Ascended masters, Teacher Guides, Mentor Guides ..either long associated or
transistory Guides working with an individual/s for interim periods of time in the instances of health, Spiritual Growth or study for example.

Her experiences and years of accumulated study have given her a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the laws of the universe, and the workings thereof. She is a naturally pure ‘open channel’ with the highest integrity. She actively works from higher consciousness by practicing within her own life and thereby ensuring finer vibration. Her ‘lifestyle’ is a reflection to this end.
She works with guides and ascended beings from the Divine Realms … channeling direct from Source.

Being an artist, she is therefore visual in her receptivity, so as well as ‘messages’ received, the images she is given are descriptive and graphic in nature. Fran has a special gift and interest in life between lives and past lives, and often these surface in a client’s reading, in the main, to make note of repeated ‘patterns’ in this lifetime. She believes that opening up to past lives is an effective way for healing … be it for illness, phobias or issues of a more personal nature. Her belief is that past lives/life between lives is a faster track to health in all its forms.

To this end, she plans to study further with Dr Brian Weiss, psychiatrist in groundbreaking research into past life therapies and author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, and many others, for a prescribed period, within the next 2 years in New York, USA ( Fran was a mentor and teacher with the Omm Project: