Ongoing every two weekly meditations held at Breathe and Believe Healing Center – 16 Pinara Road, Hope Valley (Near Tea Tree Plaza)

Every alternate Tuesday eve 7- 8.30pm $15 per session.
(OR 10 sessions for $130 upfront)

*Guided, Channelled Meditations, plus Healing circle ; Relaxation,
then 45 mins meditation plus Healing circle. Experience your soul.
Proven to be Energy and Consciousness raising.

These Guided meditations are channelled thru Fran, and ‘work’ with high vibrational engery such as Crystalline and Coloured 7th Ray Therapies – they can act as a healing, as well as relaxation and meditation. A “Visionary” Healing Circle is also incorporated in the session. $15 Per Session

For more info please call or text Fran on: Phone โ€“ 0405 687 930